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Welcome to Goldwater Dental.  We've worked ambitiously creating a modern, welcoming dental practice that serves Scottsdale and Phoenix.  We've partnered with many major dental insurance plans to make it easy for you to decide to care for your smile and your oral health.  


We're excited to introduce you to our practice and change your expectations for outstanding dental care.  We have fun taking care of our patients and we hope our outstanding service makes you feel valued and appreciated.  Our practice will coordinate specialist care for complex treatment.


Modern dentistry has so much to offer our patients who need improved esthetics, functional corrections to their bite, or relief from facial muscle pain caused by TMJ or bite imbalances.  We're here to offer you evidence-based solutions for an enhanced quality of life.


We think your smile is one of your greatest attributes.  It is the most powerful and ubiquitous human gesture; it compliments your personality and influences first impressions.  We want you to care about it as much as we do!  


Please contact us to schedule an appointment, meet us and learn all that modern dentistry can offer you and your family.  We look forward to meeting you!




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