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Teeth Whitening

A sparkling, white smile is one of the keys to an amazing appearance and boosted self-confidence. Teeth whitening solutions offered at Goldwater Dental help you maintain the pearly white shine of your teeth.

Apart from being one of the most economical cosmetic dentistry treatments, professional teeth whitening is an effective and safe way to brighten your smile. The results can be dramatic, depending on the whitening method you choose. Professional whitening systems work faster and protect sensitive tooth-root surfaces and gums better than over-the-counter whitening products.

The most common causes of discolorations on the teeth are:

  • Food and drinks. Many foods such as tea, coffee, wine, etc. cause teeth discoloration.
  • Tobacco Use. Tar and nicotine are the two chemicals found in tobacco. Tar is naturally dark in color and nicotine turns yellowish once it is mixed with oxygen. This is why smoking tobacco causes stains on your teeth.
  • Age. Over time, the enamel gets thinner, which exposes more of the dentin, causing the teeth to appear discolored.
  • Trauma. If you have been injured or hit in the mouth, your teeth may change color.
  • Medications. Certain antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications can result in tooth darkening.
  • Genetics. Some people have a naturally brighter or thicker enamel than others.

Opalescence Whitening

At Goldwater Dental, we help you get a whiter smile using high-quality professional whitening treatments from Opalescence. Opalescence whitening treatment makes use of a professional strength whitening gel which contains potassium nitrate and peroxide. The potassium nitrate helps reduce post-treatment sensitivity. The whitening gel is filled in custom trays and placed over the teeth, where it reacts with the stains to remove them.

To learn more about teeth whitening treatments and how they can help you achieve a better smile, please contact our office at (480) 409-9799.

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